My Hometown


Herne Bay is somewhere I have lived most of my life. This town has an enchanting hold on me. Mainly I think because of the miles of stunning coastline that we get to enjoy here. A coastline that never ceases to take my breath away.

We have seen it change over the years for better and for worse and in most recent years I can certainly say Herne Bay has been on the up and is continuing to rise and sore! There is such a wonderful community here, with so many fantastic people from all walks of life. We are rich with entrepreneurs and creatives, and everyone has the same common goal. To create amazing experiences and places so others can see and learn what a wonderful place Herne Bay truly is. 

From the likes of quirky coffee shops such as Mustard to the local gallery Beach Creative, or even the gloriously mad cake creations from an Alice in the Hatter-themed café. There is so much around every corner to intrigue and excite your visit.  Everyone will say good morning and hello to you here in Herne Bay.

Try going for a walk, you will see exactly what I mean! You will come back smiling for sure I promise you! So much to see and do, all combined with the priceless sea air that we value so greatly in Herne Bay.


Go on, take a breath, take a stroll, blow away the cobwebs, and you will see why we call it home.


Love Your host,